Wilpattu National Park is a unique wildlife sanctuary filled with nearly sixty natural lakes and water tanks spread out throughout the area that makes this park a great habitat for birdlife and animals alike. Located in the north west regions of the country, it is only 30kilometeres away from Anuradhapura and 180 kilometres from Colombo. Many tourists take a safari out to the Wilpattu while on excursion in the Anuradhapura to catch a glimpse of Sri Lanka’s endemic flora and fauna, and even catch a glimpse of the Sri Lankan leopards that have made this park their home. The best time to visit the Wilpattu National Park is with an eco-tourism guide during the months of February through to October. As the park is part water, part jungle, tourists are only able to safari to certain parts of it. Home to over thirty species of mammals, including endangered animals such as the Asian elephants, the sloth bear, and the leopards, visitors are continuously reminded to respect the animals in their own habitat and watch from afar.