Trincomalee is one of the hidden gems of the East Coast of Sri Lanka and no stranger to the serene stretches of golden sandy beaches. If you are looking for an experience like no other on the east of the island, then you are in the right place as Trincomalee has much to offer for the discerning traveller. Built on a peninsula it’s also home to a bay harbour that had been instrumental for trading. During Portuguese times, it was made into a fortified port town, where influences from them and the Dutch era can be seen in the architecture of the town.

There are many attractions in Trincomalee that makes for a unique experience during your stay in the eastern coast of the island. These include both visiting historical and religious sites that are part of the local mythology and not to mention what the harbour bay also offers. If you are in Trincomalee, no visit is complete without paying homage to the Koneswarama Temple that is located within what used to be the Dutch fort, Fort Frederick. Another attraction would be Ravanas’ Cleft on Swami Rock, which is also known as Lover’s Leap, which stands 350 feet above sea level. The cleft has connections to the Ramayana legends, where it is said that Lord Shiva had made King Ravana drop his sword when leaving the temple thus creating the cleft in the rocks below.

Other attractions of the Trincomalee harbour include the beautiful sandy beaches which are now dotted with hotels that offer luxury accommodation for your stay. Since the end of the civil war, a boom in tourism to the east coast has seen the development of many hotels and restaurants to accommodate the influx of tourists to the area. When in Trincomalee, you should also attempt to visit China Bay (home to the oil depot) and the hot springs in Kanniya.