Sri Lanka’s tropical rainforest, the Sinharaja is located in the wet lands in the southwestern regions of the island. Spanning across the districts of Ratnapura, Galle and Matara, the Sinharaja National Forest covers a total area of 11,187 hectares and brims with bio diversity. Designated a World Biosphere and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sinharaja Rainforest is a protected sanctuary to a variety of endemic flora, fauna and foliage. Bordered by two rivers, the Kalu Ganga and the Gin Ganga, it is a unique stretch of untouched rainforest that is perfect for an ecosystem to thrive.

The rainforest which is situated on hilly range and is home to dense vegetation, it is not easy to access it and can only be done so at three entrances; Kudawa, Pitadeniya, and at the Morning Side Estate. There are three peaks, the Sinhagala, Pinitigala, and Mulawela, and you can find nature trails such as the Sinhagala and Mulawela Nature Trails are designed for trekking enthusiasts to see the wonders of this lush biosphere up close and personal. Home to over 66% of the flora and flowering foliage that are endemic to the island, you will also find 13 of the 25 Sri Lankan endemic ferns also making its home in the Sinharaja National Rainforest. Apart from the flora and foliage, the fauna found in the tropical rainforest are also interesting! You are able to find more than 95% of the endemic birdlife here and the world’s largest population of mixed bird species too, making Sinharaja quite the treasure trove of nature’s bounty!