Minneriya is famous for two things, the beautiful Minneriya Lake and the Minneriya National Park, which is also an animal sanctuary. Many tourists and locals make Habarana a stop in the travels to indulge in a safari of the Minneriya Park to catch sight of the elephant population and the various fauna that has made the park its home. The beauty of the Minneriya National Park which used to a be a wildlife sanctuary prior to being opened up to the public as a park, is the Minneriya Lake or reservoir which was built by one of the country’s most famous kings, King Mahasen, during his rule in Anuradhapura. The reservoir not only improved trading with South East Asia during those times with Trincomalee harbour being used as a port, but it also helped flourish the environment with many animals feeding around the lake during dry season. While on safaris, you are able to spot many animals gathering around the waterhole.