Nestled in the wet zone rainforest areas of western Sri Lanka, this town is said to be one of the wettest areas of the island with two monsoons happening each year. It is also a very picturesque location with the Kelani River streaming through the town. The river is one of the major attractions why many take the excursion from the busy cities to getaway.
Tourists (both local and foreign) look at spending time with nature, taking in the beautiful vistas all around in this rainforest zone, as well as indulge in water sports and play in the Kelani River, or even taking in the sights and sounds of the area (such as the biodiversity and the fauna that has been spotted).
Wildlife and adventure enthusiasts are the most common visitors to Kithulagala, but white water rafting though the Kelani River rapids is a sought after attraction. However, for those who would prefer to indulge in wildlife and nature attractions, you are able to engage in nature adventure attractions including trekking or mountain biking through the jungle, camping, or even bird watching. The recently discovered bird, the Serendib Scops Owl, or Crested Treeswift, Mountain Hawk Eagle, or any of the 54 species that call the jungles of Kithulgala and its surroundings their home, may be spotted during a jungle and bird watching expedition.
Many also visit to take in the relics of what used to be the film location from the Academy Award winning movie “The Bridge over the River Kwai” which featured the river and the bridge before it was blown up in the famous scene. The concrete foundation columns of the bridge can be still found today though the bridge has since been lost to time.
Kithulgala is also in close proximity (by vehicle) to some other cultural and historical attractions such as the Beli Lena Caves and Adam’s Peak, The Beli Lena Caves are the archaeological sites of the remains found of the prehistoric “Balangoda Man” which is said to be from a time over 32,000 years ago. Only 8kms away from Kithulagala, it’s worth the trip to satiate your curiosity. Adam’s Peak, a cultural and religious pilgrimage site, the bottom of the mountain can be reached within 2 hours drive from Kithulagala before ascending the 2,234m stepped mountain to the top to ring the bell at sunrise.