Being an island, Sri Lanka offers an abundance of coastal resort towns and Galle is one of the favourites. The administrative capital of the south, Galle was also an integral part of colonial times, with its fortified city built during the Dutch colonisation. With the land offering up a natural harbour, it has been part of the trade route from as early as the 14th century with many influences from traders arriving from various parts of the globe. The influences from Persian, Indian, and Malay traders can be seen in the architecture of the city with its distinct Dutch and Portuguese designs. Though it was the Portuguese that founded the great city of Galle, it was actually the Dutch that made it the beautiful fortified city that it is today by commissioning the walled city that was built the expert skill of Mozambique labourers. Within the fortified walls, you can find boutique hotels, quaint cafe and souvenir shops that attract tourists locally and internationally. Declared a World Heritage Site, you can also find museums and ancient antique shops within the fort. It is recommended that you take a stroll within the narrow streets and on the rampart to watch the waves crashing onto giant boulders that makes up the fort’s walls. You can also spot the famed cliff jumper who has awed many with his thrills.

Outside the fort, you are more than welcome to walk through the bustling city, watch the fishing boats come in. Along the coast neighbouring Galle, you will find many delightful boutique hotels that have a certain charm that resonates well with the spirit of Galle.