The Ancient City of Dambulla is one of the World Heritage Sites that makes up the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. With a vibrant and rich history stemming for as far back as 7-3 BC, the attractions in Dambulla are definitely worth seeing. One of the historic tales of the land is of King Valagamba. When he was exiled from the capital of Anuradhapura, he sought refuge in the caves inhabited by Buddhist monks. These monks protected the king during his 14 year long exile and upon his return to the capital and after retaking his throne, as a token of his gratitude he bestowed a beautiful rock temple to the monks for their care and teachings. More recently, King Nissankamalla held a restoration of the cave temple where he gilded the lying, standing and seated Lord Buddha statues. Rock temple is now referred to as the Golden Rock Temple, complete with two rock towers and five caves that have been decorated with rock murals and statutes.

The Ibbankatuwa Prehistoric Burial site found close to Dambulla is also an archaeologists’ dream with the discovery of human skeletal remains that date over 2700 years back. One of the most popular attractions is to stand atop the rock temple and take in the panoramic vistas of the land.

The city is located in the centre of the island making it a great distribution location for the agricultural industry, with a massive economic centre built to accommodate the hustle and bustle of fresh produce coming in from various corners of the island. Another popular attractions for sports lovers, it is also the location of the recently built Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium.