Colombo is the industrial capital of the island of Sri Lanka, and the thriving modern metropolis with a myriad of wonder within its midst. During British rule, Colombo acted as the capital of the land until Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte was made the capital. The largest and most popular city in Sri Lanka, it is has been heavily influenced by the visitors to the land which can be seen in every corner of the city through its architecture, design and monuments.

The boom of development has seen a rise in new establishments bringing in waves of trends and new opportunities. The city of Colombo is unique in a way that it offers a tourist insight into so many facets that makes Sri Lanka what it is today, from the history, religion, cultural values to the step forward into the modern world. It is home to historical monuments that have been preserved or restored to hold their value, religious venues, and more. It truly is an entertainment capital with luxury hotels, restaurants & cafes, shopping malls to street vendors, nightclubs, casinos, beachfront properties to take the sun in and more. You are sure to find a unique experience as you take in the sights of what Colombo has to offer. We highly recommend a walking and double-decker bus tours that are organised frequently.