If you are asking yourself what makes Transco Travels a better option than other travel agencies in Australia, we are here to tell you why! Simply, we offer a truly immersed experience.

The Transco Travels Experience is one that allows our Australian travellers and tourists to Sri Lanka enjoy the island by immersing themselves into the culture, history, adventure by tantalising all your senses. We put together hikes and treks to explore the wilderness of the hills, the rainforests, and mountains of Sri Lanka. We will take your through the history and the relics of ancient Sri Lanka and it’s educate you into the kingdoms that rose and fell over the millennia. We will take your into a journey of Sri Lankan gastronomy mixing colour and fragrance as you cook up flavorful cuisine that uses spices from Sri Lanka and various methods used in traditional Sri Lankan kitchens. Indulge in some milk rice (kiribath) with a chilli-onion mix, egg hoppers, string hoppers, kottu and more!

Recently, Sri Lanka was named as one of the world’s top destinations to visit by the likes of Traveller Australia, Lonely Planet, the Robb Report, and more. The peace after a three decade war has left some parts of the island untouched and beautiful, almost frozen in time, and as more avenues open up, these virgin towns and cities of Sri Lanka are some of the most sought after destinations to visit and explore. The north and east of Sri Lanka, from Jaffna, Trincomalee, Pasikuda and more, are now easily accessible to all! Untouched beaches, cultural attractions and the perfect wave, it’s all waiting for you to visit!

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Romantic Beach Dining Dickwella Resort And Spa, Tangalle, Sri Lanka
Aerial View Mount Lavinia Hotel

Sri Lanka, being a tropical climate country is also home to dry and wet seasons, with an average temperature of 25°C. The south-west monsoon downpours happen during the months of May through to September, whereas the dry seasons usually occurs from December to March. Whilst the south-west regions of the island faces the respective wet/dry season in those months, the north-east regions, face the monsoons during the months o December to March, whilst the dry seasons are between May to September.  We recommend cotton and linen attire to help with the humidity and heat, however, when you visit the hills such as Nuwara Eliya, Horton Plains, Adam’s Peak and the cooler climates of Sri Lanka, it’s best to warm up (preferably with a sweater or scarves).

Sri Lanka is a cultural country, and when visiting places of worship, proper attire such as long pants and shirts for men, and blouses or dresses with sleeves, and long skirts/pants when visiting temples preferably in white.

Other experiences we recommend include riding (or even driving) a TukTuk (or trishaw), angler fishing on the beach, and more! Let us make your Transco Travels Experience take you places all over Sri Lanka for serendipitous journey!

Sri Lanka offers visa upon arrival, however, an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) is necessary for short visits to Sri Lanka prior to entry into the island. This is issued electronically and when travellers arrive in Sri Lanka, they will be issued a 30-day Short Stay Visit Visa to ETA holders. The currency used in Sri Lanka are Lankan Rupees, and foreign currency can be easily converted at the airport, many reputed banks and money exchange establishments