Wanderlust is the desire to explore and see the world in bright and new wonderful ways, and that’s what we are all about! At Transco Travels, we offer you the chance to travel and explore the bounty of beauty that is Sri Lanka and we strive for offering the best travel experience!

Our pick of bespoke holidays and tour packages are tailored to ensure that you catch all of the history, culture, and quintessential wonder that this paradise island is known for! You don’t have to worry about a thing as we will plan every last detail for you!

Whether it’s the airline tickets, to the hotel accommodations during your stay, as well as your transport to and from the various Sri Lankan attractions, we have it covered! Let us plan your itinerary from start to finish, so that you can enjoy the long-awaited holiday that you deserve!


To link up and enable our clientele to indulge and enjoy their travel desires to the fullest with the best travel investments to

Sri Lanka, for a safe and enjoyable journey within the island.

To be the preferred  Travel Partner to our valued clientele  to indulge and enjoy their exploring desires to the fullest with the best Sri Lankan travel experiences and investments, for a  safe and enjoyable vacation in “Sri Lanka, the Wonder of Asia”.


To further grow tourism in Sri Lanka by bridging distances and travel from Australia to Sri Lanka in search of wanderlust and adventure to bring memorable travel experiences to each  traveler that chooses Transco Travels as its’ travel partner.

The Transco Travels Experience

The Transco Brand

Indulge in the Transco Travels experience, with a vast variety of tour options to choose from, should you be traveling alone, with a friend or a group, you are offered a pick from the best tours in Sri Lanka. The Transco Travels experience is not just about touring and seeing the country, but physically experiencing them from the gastronomy, to the culture and exploring the nooks and crannies of this tropical island and its vast history and environs. Take a serendipitous journey with us, jump with both feet in and no reservations and make memories with us at Transco Travels.

Transco Travels is a subsidiary of the Transco International, one of the best freight forwarding companies based in Melbourne with a global network of logistics partners to ensure that your cargo and goods get to their destination safe and sound. With such a reputation under our belt, and our background in the travel industry and the connections and bonds that have been formed over time, Transco Travels came to be to offer Australians a unique gateway into Sri Lanka through our services.  Transco International and its subsidiary Transco Cargo has been in business for the last three decades and has three main offices in Melbourne and various agent offices and pick up and drop off locations all over Australia. With strong partnerships in Sri Lanka, India, Fiji, Dubai and other countries all over the world, with long-term experience in air, sea, and road freight, we are now expanding our brand and scope of business into other industries.